Period Care Box

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Our signature Relief Lilies packed with your period essentials. Choose from our light or moderate absorbency panties, and, our washable or biodegradable pads. The choice is yours.

Your core box includes:

  • one (1) Relief 001 or 002
  • two (2) Relief 003 or 004
  • three (3) washable cloth pads or 1day/1night biodegradable pads
  • 100ml cleaning wash
  • 50ml muscle relief lotion
  • period calendar
  • wash bag

Be sure to leave us a note on the colors & size (up to 2) of your Relief Lilies upon check-out.

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    Our cleaning wash helps remove blood stains on your Lilies. Our muscle relief lotion helps relief abdominal pain. Both are formulated by Messy Bessy. Learn more about Messy Bessy and House Foundation.

    Our period calendar helps you track your period; and this can be useful for those monitoring their cycle, preventing pregnancy, or wanting to conceive. Download here to print or customize your own.