Take Back Program

We aim to promote circularity or closing the loop, especially in the garment industry. We want to make it worth your time to return your old underwear and innerwear to us at the end of your products’ life cycle. 


  • All surrendered underwear/innerwear must be pre-washed and cleaned.
  • All garments will be inspected and sorted to two (2) buckets:
    • Usable garments go into our Second-Life program 
    • Unusable garments will be forwarded to H&M Garment Collection
  • Customers will receive the following rewards for every garment returned
    • P100 credit for usable garments 
    • P20 credit for garments that are unusable 
  • Used underwear bottoms will be unusable; and, therefore, will be diverted to H&M Garment Collection

    Second-Life Program

    • Useable Lilies and non-Lilies will be donated to women’s centers

    SDGs We're Impacting 

    • 11 - Sustainable cities and communities
    • 12 - Responsible consumption and production
    • 13 - Climate action
    • 15 - Life on land