Caring for My Lilies

Caring for My Lilies

If your Lilies are stained, dampen the stained area with water. Put a few drops of our liquid wash (or your preferred detergent) and rub it into the stained area. Leave in for a few minutes (up to an hour for dried stains) before washing.

Relief Lilies: Wash out blood with cold water until the water runs clear. proceed with hand or machine wash, or store in a waterproof container for washing later.

HANDWASH (Recommended)

Wash your undie (bra or panty) in cool water. Using our liquid wash or your preferred detergent, gently work in the suds to the fabric, and rinse.

Press out excess water by squeezing, but not wringing, before laying your undies out to dry. Flat dry, line dry, or hang dry.

For Corsets & Bodysuits: Handwash only


Cold wash your undies in the washing machine using only Delicate cycle and mild detergent.

Hook bras together to prevent them from snagging on other clothing, and put them inside a mesh bag.


  • Avoid fabric conditioner and bleach, to preserve the quality of the fabric
  • Avoid the dryer, sun drying or ironing your Lilies, to prevent heat damage 

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