We understand the need to feel secure, comfortable and fully supported during light or intense activities. Our Freedom Lilies are designed to support every woman's fitness goals. Our high quality performance materials are durable, breathable and come in light to heavy weight. For all kinds of activities, we're here for you.

Whether it's golf, yoga, Pilates, hiking, or other lower intensity activities, you'll get proper support from our light support sports and recreation bras. From your home to the gym and anywhere in between, you're fully supported throughout the day.

We bring the "active" in our moderate and maximum support sports bras, which offer firm support for those who prefer high-intensity activities like running, riding, or playing tennis. With proper care, our high quality compression fabrics can provide you the support you need in every activity.

Our sports bra collection brings moderate to maximal support that provides solid support for individuals who like strenuous activities.

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And here's our PROMISE - we'll always be here for you at every stage of your life. We're here to listen, and provide products that will TAKE CARE OF YOU.

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