High Waist Moderate Absorbency Period Undies | True Navy

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Our modified leakproof Lilies provide a sustainable approach to managing our periods. With regular use, our menstrual experience becomes empowering and liberating.

Relief Lilies address our most common period woes:

  • Prevent leaks | The leak-proof cotton lining keeps stains away.
  • Proper support | The double-front panel helps support and pull our tummy in.
  • Re-usable, washable, sustainable | The absorbent lining absorbs our menses. This reduces our disposables consumption, which is ultimately healthy for our body and the planet.


Absorbency | Moderate to heavy (about 6 teaspoons)

Use: Alone or with menstrual pads, menstrual cups, tampons

Use for: Moderate to heavy days; back-up for pads, cups, or tampons; heavy discharge prior to menstruation (Luteal phase); post-partum leaks or bleeding

Style: High waist


Inner/Lining: 100% Cotton
Middle: 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton + TPU
Outer: 78% Nylon 22% Elastane

Need help finding your size? Check our guide here. Our material offers excellent elasticity & support (up to 4-in allowance on the waist), consider your hips measurement and waist allowance when finding your size. 

For example: if you measure waist 34, hips 38, go for size Large

X-SMALL 23-24 33-34
SMALL 25-26 35-36
MEDIUM 27-28 37-38
LARGE 29-30 39-40
X-LARGE 31-32 41-42
2X-LARGE 33-34 43-44
3X-LARGE 35-36 45-46
4X-LARGE 37-38 47-48


Want to know how to get your measurements? Follow our step-by-step guide here.

Care for your Lilies? Here's our recommended wash & care guide