Lilies Fit Tips | Overcoming Our Most Common Problems - Part 2, Bra Cups

Lilies Fit Tips | Overcoming Our Most Common Problems - Part 2, Bra Cups

Bras are meant to give us the freedom and confidence to carry on our day-to-day pursuits. But if there's something pinching or uncomfortable, here and there, these become distractions no one needs.

Bra Wire Sitting on Breasts

Either we forgot to do the scoop & swoop, or our bra band's too big. Do your boobs come out from the bottom when you reach for something high up? Yes definitely means you need a smaller bra band. Go down a size for a snug fit. Now remember, when we get a smaller band size, we need to go one size up on the cup. For example, from a 36C, go down to a 34D. Conversely, if we need to go up a band, from a 36C we go up to a 38B.

Unfilled Cup

Have you noticed that some of your bras have a gap or extra space on top? Sometimes, the easiest fix is simply to adjust our breasts with the scoop & swoop. If there's still room and you find your breasts aren't filling the cup, it may be that the cup is too big. Try going down a cup size.

It might also be that the bra isn't the right style or shape for our breasts. Many women, like me, have breasts that are asymmetric, slender, bell or teardrop shaped, where they're fuller on the bottom than at the top; and there are certain styles that fit better.

Overflowing Cup

One of the most obvious signs of an incorrectly fitting bra is spillage, either over the side band or over the bra cups. If the band fits, meaning it sits snugly and lays parallel across our back, we only need to go for a bigger cup (for example, from a 34B to a 34C, adjusting up as needed).

Our breast tissue goes all the way back to under our armpits, so we need to scoop in all that tissue into the cup and ensure the bra cup carries everything in. Wires shouldn't be cutting into breast tissue; if they do, we need to go a cup higher.

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