Lilies Fit Tips | Overcoming Our Most Common Problems - Part 1, Bra Straps & Bands

Lilies Fit Tips | Overcoming Our Most Common Problems - Part 1, Bra Straps & Bands

Have you ever found yourself fidgeting because of your underwear? Maybe you were intent on finishing the draft that's due the same day but you're feeling some tightness on the side of your boobs and starting to feel a headache and back pain. Perhaps, you're in the middle of a catch-up with your BFF and you're constantly having to pull up your bra strap that's falling. It could also be that you're presenting a proposal to clients but you're also constantly wondering if your quad-boobs are too obvious through your top.

Bras or brassieres, are designed to support the breasts. They're suppose to be comfortable and make us feel secure from any bra fail. Let's break down the most common bra fit problems and we'll help you find ways to solve them.

Bra Straps Falling or Digging

Whether they're falling or digging, this is quite annoying; but this issue is very easy to fix. While it may seem simple, many of us are either too lazy to adjust our bra straps or adjusting them incorrectly. If you're like me, who has one boob bigger than the other, one bra strap would be longer than the other. Taking time to adjust our bra straps is the simplest and easiest solution for a snug fit.

If you're getting indentations on your shoulder, possibly headaches or pain sometimes, you may be tightening your straps too much. Simply loosen them to find the right length.

If you're finding yourself tightening your straps to hold up your breasts, then your band is likely incorrect. Our breasts should be lifted from the band, not the straps. Go down a size for better support. Now remember, when we get a smaller band size, we need to go one size up on the cup. For example, from a 36C, go down to a 34D. Conversely, if we need to go up a band, from a 36C we go up to a 38B.

Back Band Rising

If you're wearing your bra straps correctly, it's likely that your bra band is riding up because it is too big. In the right size, our bra band will fit snugly and lay on a straight line across our back. Go down a size for better support. (When we move down a band size, move up our cup size. IE: from 36C to 34D)

Back Band Digging

Through time our body changes and we might find ourselves with back bulges because our bra band is too tight. Go up a size for a more comfortable support. If your cups are still perfectly encasing your breasts, a quick fix would be to use a bra back extender. Back fat is completely natural and not necessarily a sign that our bras don't fit well. As an alternative, you may try using bras that have a wider band to create a smoother back.

Part 2 - Bra Cups

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