We are #TogetherWithYou

To our LOV Community,

Our commitment

Lily of the Valley remains committed in enhancing Your quality of life and empowering You to be instruments of positive impact.

Our current situation

In the past week, it felt like many of our freedoms were held down because of the enhanced community quarantine. Fear and uncertainty abound; but we have seen perseverance and determination from our employees. City borders blocked out our company's lifeblood and the emergence of a PUI (person under investigation) in our barangay caused much agitation.

Closing our manufacturing facility re-affirms our commitment to ensure the health and safety of our employees and immediate communities. Since the threat of COVID-19, we boosted personal hygiene practices and provided employees with re-usable face masks. We implemented strict sanitation protocols throughout our manufacturing facility.

We are privileged to be financially ready to weather this crisis. This allows us to to secure every seat in our company, and will welcome our employees with open arms when we re-open.

Our store remains open

We recognize that many of us still menstruate, many of us still breastfeed, and many of us still move & keep active. This is why our online store remains open, so you can secure your Lilies anytime.

We know you will understand that order processing will begin after the enhanced community quarantine is lifted (est. 13 April 2020). You can trust that your orders will be prioritized and delivered to you as soon as possible.

Our partners in social change

We want to take a moment to acknowledge the generosity and drive shown by Zarah Juan (Zarah Juan) and Reese Fernandez-Ruiz (Rags2Riches, Things That Matter PH), who pooled us small businesses together to support one another. They are inspirations in our journey.

We are one with local businesses in creating positive social change in our respective communities.

Our message

We recognize You may feel anger and despair. We understand You may feel fear and uncertainty. 

We share the same pain and fears. Pain and fears that are easy to direct at others. But this would be unfair, wouldn't it?

Each of us has the power to choose to feel differently in this present moment.

There is no predicting when our crisis ends.  But each of us has the power to make a difference and be bearers of light and love.

When the dust settles, it will be necessary for Us to gather Our collective strength and use Our unlimited potential, to rebuild, for Our highest common good.

It will be hard. It will be demanding. But We will do this together. We will co-create Our new reality, Our new normal; and We will heal.

~ Camille R. Escudero