Lily of the Valley introduces the country’s first period underwear for the trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming community

Lily of the Valley Empowering Voices, Embracing Every Body

Makati City, Metro Manila - 20 February 2024 (Tuesday) - Lily of the Valley (LOV),  a local inclusive innerwear brand, has launched their pioneering period product designed for transmen, non-binary (NB), and gender non-conforming (GNC) individuals who menstruate. This revolutionary line of menstrual underwear is specially crafted for and co-designed with Filipino transmen, aiming to provide comfort, physical and mental wellness support, and inclusivity during menstruation.

The launch aims to help address the pressing need for menstrual support within the trans community. By introducing this innovative product, LOV looks to initiate crucial conversations and urgently raise awareness about the menstrual health needs of the trans community in the Philippines, where access to information and products especially for marginalized groups is often challenging. LOV hopes this launch helps to dismantle stigma and improve access to menstrual support through meaningful dialogue about menstruation experiences and associated challenges.

The period underwear is designed to function similarly to disposable pads or napkins, which the local market is most familiar with. However, not only is it washable and reusable, but it is designed to fit the user’s body perfectly through customized measurements, and crafted aesthetically to better conform to trans users’ body image and preferences. 

Prior to  launching this product, Lily of the Valley was one of a few local brands to carry sustainable period products, generally designed for cis women, in the effort to promote slow fashion and sustainable health practices locally. They have also engaged in education drives to inform young people, parents, and the greater community about reusable period products such as period  underwear and cloth pads, and why these contribute to less waste, less expenses, and better health habits for all menstruating people. 

LOV founder and product designer Camille Escudero describes the product development journey:

“Our journey began in 2021 with a Focused Group Discussion (FGD) where we gained valuable insights into the experiences of transgender men and how dysphoria impacts their daily lives. This profound learning experience ignited our passion for making a meaningful difference.”

“Collaboration has been a cornerstone of our development process. We have worked closely with the transgender community, continuously testing, iterating, and incorporating their invaluable input. Our commitment to serving the underserved and underrepresented remains unwavering.”

Together with brand partners Pioneer Filipino Transgender men Movement (PFTM), and Transmasculine Philippines (TMPH), Philippine Financial Industry Pride (PFIP), and creative partner FWRD Talent and Marketing Agency, LOV is proud to finally launch the Harmony collection - period underwear for trans men, and the non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals who menstruate.

Escudero adds:

“At Lily of the Valley, we recognize the importance of amplifying the voices and experiences of those whose needs are yet to be met, and whose stories need to be heard.

The TIME is NOW for change. The world is evolving, and the need for products that honor and celebrate individuality has never been more pressing. With the rise of a global movement towards inclusivity and empowerment, we recognized the urgency to step forward and make a difference.”



The speakers:

  • Welcome address | Camille Escudero | Founder, Lily of the Valley
  • State of Trans Rights in the Philippines | Arjhay Fonteras Puod | Advocacy Officer, Pioneer Filipino Transgender men Movement (PFTM)
  • Moderator | Thysz Estrada | Philippine Anti-Discrimination Alliance of Youth Leaders (PANTAY, Inc.)
  • Panel Members
    • Fire Sia | Pioneer Filipino Transgender men Movement (PFTM)
    • Bam Terol | Host, Spill the T Podcast
    • Ben Ong | Holistic life & business coach
  • Synthesis | Riyan Portuguez, RPm, RPsy | The Millennial Psychologist
  • LGBTQIA+ Representatives
    • Lukas Plastina
    • Nikjo Cunanan
    • Nyle Malabanan
    • Rigo Manalo
    • Seth P. Ladao
    • Tetsu K.
    • Matt Alea | Executive Director, Transmasculine Philippines
    • Vincent Nicholas | Chief of Internal Affairs, Transmasculine Philippines
The brand partners:
  • Lily of the Valley – An inclusive Filipino innerwear brand that creates purposeful, comfortable, functional, and smarter innerwear and loungewear for everyone, at every stage of life. Website | Instagram | Facebook | Tiktok | LinkedIn 
    • Key Contact:
Camille Escudero, Founder and Product Lead 0918.928.7905
  • Pioneer Filipino Transgender men Movement (PFTM) – An organization that works on Human Rights and SOGIESC education among trans men communities, advocating for Transgender Health.  Facebook | Instagram
  • Transmasculine Philippines – A community-based organization dedicated to Filipino trans men and transmasculine non-binary individuals.  Website | Instagram | Facebook | TwitterLinkedIn
  • Philippine Financial Inter-Industry Pride (PFIP) – A collaborative, voluntary, and non-profit community of Pride/LGBT+ advocates and allies from private organizations in the Philippines.  Website | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn

 Lily of the Valley Speakers and Panel Launch Event

1st Row L-R: Vincent Nicholas, Rigo Manalo, Seth Ladao, Matt Alea, Lukas Plastina
2nd Row L-R: Ben Ong, Bam Terol, Fire Sia, Riyan Portuguez, Nyle Malabanan, Nikjo Cunanan, Camille Escudero, Thysz Estrada, Tetsu K., Arjhay Puod