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(1) This is the first time I’ve heard of a Period Panty or Cloth Pad. What is it? What does it feel like to wear them?

Period panties and cloth pads are sustainable period products that help you have a more comfortable yet eco-friendly period.

A period panty is just like regular underwear, but has a thicker lining to catch blood and other liquids from your body. It’s designed to hug your body comfortably and give you the support you need for daily activities, especially during menstruation.

There are different types of period panties you can use depending on how heavy your flow is.

A cloth pad is just like a regular sanitary pad, but without the plastic. It can be used with or without period panties, depending on your flow.

These products are made to be washed normally, and reused for as long as possible so you can ease out of using single-use period products.

(2) How should I use my period panty or cloth pad? Is it like a regular pad or tampon?

Period Panties and cloth pads are really versatile! Here are just a few suggestions on how to use your sustainable period products:

    • On heavy blood days: You can use the Relief 001 (Light) period panty with Relief cloth pads. This period panty has a special lining to keep cloth pads in place. Change your cloth pads just like regular pads. You can also use your Relief 001 with organic single-use pads or tampons, for extra protection.

    • On light blood days: You can use the Relief 002 or 003 (Moderate to heavy) period panty on its own to catch your blood. These panties have a thick lining that acts like a pad within your undies. Depending on your flow, you can use it the whole day and change before bed time, or, change once you do not feel dry enough.

    • You can also use any of your period panties like regular panties - on days when you have discharges, a lot of physical activities, and more. They will provide extra snug support for your body.

(3) How do I wash period panties or cloth pads after using them?

🩸 If there is a bit of blood/stains: Dampen your panty/pad, dab some mild soap/detergent on the blood, and hand wash them with cold water, or put them into the washing machine with your regular load (gentle cycle). Hang dry.

🩸 🩸 🩸 If there is a lot of blood: Squeeze the blood out in cold water, so the blood doesn’t stain your other clothes. To save on water, you can use a basin of water to squeeze all the blood out, then run your panty through clear water quickly to check if there’s any blood left. When the blood is gone, hand wash in cold water, or machine wash normally. Hang dry.

We know trying a new period product can be daunting and takes time to adjust - we’re happy to answer your questions to help make your experience better. Just message us!

(4) How do I know when it’s time to change my period panty/cloth pad?

The answer highly depends on your flow, but change as frequently as you need to. Once you no longer feel dry, or blood starts to seep on to the leg elastic, that’s a good sign to change into another pair of period panties or cloth pad.

(5) How do period panties and cloth pads contribute to a sustainable lifestyle?

45 billion plastic-filled menstrual products* are consumed every year. Each individual product takes hundreds of years to biodegrade. By switching to reusable period products, you are helping the planet, and future generations, deal with significantly less non-biodegradable waste from menstruators like you.

    • Reusables can be combined with other reusables (for example, using period panties with menstrual cups or discs) to help you find the most comfortable way to spend your period, without single-use products.

    • Reusables can be used for long periods of time (over 5 years for period panties and cloth pads) with good use.

    • Our period products are produced mindfully, minimizing synthetic materials and ensuring ethical business and environmental practices throughout the entire production process.

Message us to learn more.

*plasticoceans.org, 2021