Caring for Our Lilies

HANDWASH (Recommended)

  1. PRE-WASH If your Lilies are stained, you may prepare them for handwashing by dabbing mild soap & cold water, to any visible stains, using a hand towel.
  2. SOAK + RINSE Place your undie (bra or panty) in cold water for a few minutes. Using mild soap, gently work in the suds to the fabric. Rinse and repeat as necessary.
  3. AIR DRY Press out excess water using a towel before laying your undies out to dry. Flat dry or line dry. Never put them in the dryer because the heat breaks down the elastane in the fabric and elastic.



You may wash your undies in the washing machine using only Delicate cycle.

Hook bras together to prevent it from snagging on other clothing and put them inside a mesh bag.

Wash with cold water and mild detergent.

Note: Avoid fabric conditioner as it may be too harsh and might destroy the fabric.