Why we should be holding period parties

Why we should be holding period parties

Parties are for celebrating important milestones in our lives – so what about our menstrual cycle? Isn’t that worth a celebration too? Here’s how to throw a fun – not weird; period party for your daughter, niece, or sister to ease them into a more positive period experience.

Periods have always been stigmatized – from popular culture to one’s own home. It’s very common to see it on television shows, movies, even commercials that depict the embarrassment of getting one’s period unexpectedly. Even older relatives are responsible for this uneasiness regarding menstruation as they often warn younger menstruators about how difficult getting one’s period is. It’s no wonder that younger people don’t really look forward to getting their first period.

But what about changing the narrative this time? Instead of saying, “Oh no, you have your period!” tell them, “Wow, you have your period!” and to support this, why not hold a period party?

party with cake

How you want to hold the party is totally up to you. It can be a simple brunch or a full-on bash, the whole point is to welcome young menstruators to the reality of being adolescents. Make them feel that their menstrual cycle is totally okay and normal.

But we understand that period parties while becoming increasingly accepted is still a new concept. So here are a couple of suggestions to help you plan one!

Buy a cake – just like in the Tweet that went viral a few years back, a family bought their young menstruator a cake that says “Congrats on your period!” to help ease any anxiety that comes from first periods. If you want to keep the celebration simple and low-key, just prepare snacks that the celebrator likes (future PMS cravings) and a cake with a positive message. Lots of bakeries do cute custom cakes now, so it’s easy for you to order one in a style that the celebrator will like.

Have afternoon tea – break the stigma of not enjoying social events while one has their period by holding a period party with close friends. Make the event more enjoyable with little treats and encourage open, positive talk about menstruation among guests. Have the party in your garden or at a cute café!

party with 3 generations women

Don’t forget that while you’re supposed to make the celebration fun, period parties are also a great time for parents/guardians to talk about menstruation in a clear, mature manner. This will help young menstruators better understand this new phase in their lives. This will also encourage them to be more open about what they’re feeling and not be afraid to ask questions about menstruation. Parents/guardians can also gift them with a period kit (includes pads, tampons, period underwear - check out Relief Lilies) and teach them how to use these products to make young menstruators feel more at ease.


Abby Rebong
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