Why another underwear company?

Why another underwear company?

Underwear is a staple in every closet or drawer. Whether you're a woman or a man, we wear underwear every day. We started with diapers when we were babies. Then when we got toilet-trained we began using cloth underwear as we know them now. Underwear is so basic that even 7-Eleven and gas stations carry them on their shelves.

It is known that the fashion or apparel industry contributes to 10% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions due to its extended supply chains and high energy consuming production. So why build another underwear company?

Well-designed for fit and function

The products we make are designed using materials that are performance tested and functional. It is our guarantee that our Lilies can last you for years without compromising its fit and quality. In this vein, we want to shift our consumers' mindsets that instead of buying $1 undies, you can invest in several high quality underwear that you can wear for several years. 

Wash less design

Over-washing clothes will naturally decrease its quality and shorten its life. On top of power consumption and water consumption, there is microplastic that come from synthetic fibres that make their way to the ocean from the washing cycle.

While this isn't the recommended practice for panties, our bras won't necessarily need a wash after every use. Unless they are stained, you may simply hang them out to air (under a shaded area) instead of tossing them in the laundry bin.

Responsible business

We value responsible manufacturing; and, thus, work with suppliers who share these same values. Our manufacturing partners are certified for the following international compliance standards: Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production (WRAP), Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® 

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Opportunities for women in our community

We aim to work with women and women-led companies when we can. Our manufacturing partner, who employs women who reside in the factory's surrounding communities is a prime example. They're women who work hard to bring food to the table and, aim to improve their standards of living. They're women who make use of their resources to support their families' health and education. They're women who teach young girls that they can manage their homes & families while making a decent living. 

Christmas festivities at our manufacturing partner's facility

Morning exercises to jumpstart the day
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