Period Underwear: Do we really need it?

Period Underwear: Do we really need it?

Many of us can surely relate, getting our period can be quite the inconvenience – not just about how it affects us physically, emotionally, but as well as from constantly worrying about stains.

This can temporarily bar us from doing the things we normally do like exercise, chores. We might get overly conscious while we’re out in public preventing us from fully focusing on our studies, work or enjoying time with friends.

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Hence, it’s become increasingly important to use period underwear during our blood phase. This underwear is created to specifically support us when we have our period, giving us the utmost convenience and comfort in the time we need it most.

Lily of the Valley understands this unique need – the need to feel secure, prepared, and absolutely worry-free especially during sudden, uncontrolled releases.

As a brand that specializes in intimate wear, Lily of the Valley has made it a mission to create products that make an impact – purposeful, comfortable, smart, and functional -- enhancing our way of life, giving us an opportunity to be at our best always.

Lily of the Valley’s “Relief Lilies” are made using high-quality materials -- including but not limited to bamboo and multi-directional stretch fabric -- to keep us feel secure and comfortable. Another important highlight of Relief Lilies is their design. Just because they’re period underwear doesn’t mean they should look “blah.” The brand has seamlessly put together smart features, quality materials and great design to produce a line of period underwear that menstruators would love putting on.

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Thanks to period underwear, no one should worry about unwanted blood stains and sudden leaks anymore.

First time to shop for period underwear? Here’s what you should know:

  • There are different types of period underwear. Some period underwear give you the additional protection to prevent leaks, while some period underwear are used to replace the usual pads. Relief Lilies offer both.

  • Not sure about how to use period underwear? Just use it like your everyday underwear! It’s less complicated than you might think. Light absorbency Relief Lilies do have something special and unique about them. Check them out for yourself!

  • Do not wear your period underwear for more than 24 hours! Make sure to wash it properly by running it under cold water until the water runs clear. Once all the blood is removed, you can now throw them in the laundry if you wish, then hang them out to dry.

  • Benefits of using period underwear include – they're environmentally friendly (care for Mother Earth by reducing plastic waste) and a great money saver (Relief Lilies will last you for years, with proper use and care). More than that, period underwear helps prevent irritations that might be caused by using some menstrual hygiene products.

Ready to shop? Check out Lily of the Valley’s Relief Lilies here 

Contributed by Abby Rebong
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