Lilies Picks, Edition Two

Lilies Picks, Edition Two

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Planet Prudence

Societal expectations to be a certain body type or to be a certain skin color has marred the confidence and self-esteem of too many people. Each one of us is unique, and beautiful in our own shape, color and size. While a cultural change is still a long way to go, discussions surrounding mental wellness, period health, positive masculinity, or just about any topic that used to be taboo are now getting into the limelight.

Belgian illustrator, Prudence Geerts is one of those who has been vocalizing her journey with depression and PTSD. Through various social media, Planet Prudence showcases drawings that advocate body confidence and positive relationships with our bodies. Her illustrations are real and must be normalized and made part of every day conversations. Follow Planet Prudence on Facebook and Instagram. Better yet, join us in supporting her work through Patreon.

EXPERIENCE | Danjugan Island, Philippines

Curious about what island life is like without electricity and rationed water? This may sound a little barbaric but we can assure you it can feel "resort-like" in a rustic kind of way. A visit to this marine reserve and wildlife sanctuary requires some level of physical fitness. The island guides will plan an itinerary for you to explore and experience everything Danjugan Island has to offer: from kayaking to snorkeling; trekking to bird-watching; and, other more relaxing activities like hanging out at the beach or the watch tower.

Freshly sourced produce from the nearby communities are prepared daily, and they are delicious! Accommodations are limited and kept to 48 guests at the most. Since the island operates on solar power and there is no running water, it is important to keep this low footprint.

One can't simply drop in Danjugan Island. To apply for a trip, you may send your interest via email to You may also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Calm App

Whether you're looking for guided meditation or need some sleep tunes at night, Calm is an amazing app to use. Consistently in the list of the best apps for meditation, calming, relaxing or sleeping, Calm also features nighttime stories. Doze off to Matthew McConaughey describing the magic and wonder of the universe. If you've heard Stephen Fry "ooze like lava" on BBC, then his storytelling is as exciting and pleasurable -- definitely a not to miss. Our favourite, though, is Tamara Levitt, who happens to be the Head of Mindfulness at Calm. We can listen to Tamara any time, any day, all day.

If you want to switch off for a minute or longer, tune in to Calm. You can try it free for 30 days; but you can unlock so much more for $59.99 a year. You may download Calm on the App Store or on Google Play.

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