Who says we can't mix business & pleasure?

Who says we can't mix business & pleasure?

Freedom Light | Lily of the Valley's Leisure & Recreation Bra

In Bangkok last October, I attended a 4-day business conference and planned to spend a few days outside of the city to take my first real holiday for 2018. I chose to go to Koh Samet, an island/national park 4 hours southeast of Bangkok. It's near enough to travel without tiring myself from the commute.

Whenever I travel, I plan out my wardrobe for each day I'm away including my traveling days. Because my conference was quite lengthy and required both business, casual and formal wear, I knew traveling and packing light was going to be challenging. I needed to fit everything in 1 carry-on luggage and a 30L (30 litre) backpack.

Did I succeed? Of course I did, with a little help from my multi-functional essentials.

Teva sandals
These waterproof sandals are so versatile, I took them to the beach and on the trail. They're so comfortable because the ergonomically designed footbed conformed to my feet perfectly. I also felt secure walking the trails because the straps kept my feet in place and the rubber sole provided full protection. My Tevas were all I brought to the island.

Lily of the Valley Freedom Bras
I packed 2 bras for this entire 8-day trip: 1 nude t-shirt bra and 1 black light sports bra, this Lily of the Valley leisure & recreation bra.

Why this sports bra? Why not?

It's entirely black, so I used it under my sheer tops. It was a worthy layering element under my suit. With its minimalist design, it can easily be an everyday bra.

Its light padding gave ample support and a soft lift to my breasts, so I looked great in my form-fitting tops, inside and outside the event spaces. Would you believe I swam in these, too? The pads are so thin they don't hold water and it was quick to dry after I handwashed them.

These bras are indeed perfect for leisure and recreation; but they're also my everyday, any occasion essential -- business in this case. They're so light and comfortable. When I'm wearing them I feel relaxed, like I have no worries. I feel a sense of confidence that I'm well supported and I am where I'm suppose to be.


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Contributed by Camille R. Escudero
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