Empowering You Everyday

At Lily of the Valley, we believe everyone should be free to move, live, and achieve at any stage of life. Whatever age we are, or role we play in the different aspects of our life, we must be CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED.

We create our intimate wear & other products to be purposeful and functional, so they can make a positive impact on your life and help you BE a positive impact on others too.

A Bit of Herstory

We're a family-owned, family-run business in the Philippines. We've been in manufacturing since the ‘70s, and involved in undergarments since the ‘90s.

Our mission is to provide you access to purposeful, comfortable, functional, and smarter products that can enhance your quality of life. With products that help us feel our best, we can truly achieve our best for ourselves and others!

We've been developing and producing undergarments for global brands for decades. Through Lily of the Valley, we're bringing the same high quality design and production directly to you.

Designing Mindful Products

We develop products by listening & learning from our community. We offer products and services that respond to your needs, and we will always gravitate towards the under-represented and under-served members of our society.

  • Relief Lilies address our most common menstruation issues
  • Freedom Lilies are tailored to support our wellness goals
  • Life Lilies, our motherhood essentials line, are made for new moms’ daily needs
  • Hope Lilies help breast cancer warriors adjust to their post-mastectomy lives
  • Serenity Lilies, our loungewear line, are made for comfort in both personal & social spaces
  • And we’ve got more coming soon!

Our products are made to last. We use materials that are tested for performance and quality. So if you ever have a problem with your Lilies, we'll be happy to exchange it, find you a replacement, or repair them in-house.


We strive to protect the environment, as well as ensure the health and safety of every employee and our immediate communities. We fulfill this commitment by optimizing the use of our resources, monitoring our consumption, enforcing strict waste disposal, and replacing disposables with re-usables.

And we continue to work towards a more responsible consumption and production system. There are a multitude of things we are working on, but our end-goal is circularity.

  • Naked packaging - We strip away excess packaging. You will receive your Lilies without plastic packaging, instead covered in recycled paper or fabric.
  • Natural & synthetic materials, used intentionally - We are working towards minimizing the use of synthetic materials in our products, and are always looking for more sustainable materials to use. This does not necessarily mean we have eliminated synthetic materials that contribute to well-functioning products. They key is to use such materials intentionally until such a time that a totally natural alternative is found that can serve the same purpose. We are open to ideas and suggestions to further improve our use of materials.
  • Responsible production
    • We design and produce products based on users' needs, and not mass-production.
    • We try to prolong the usability of products by using high-quality materials that are durable and offering alteration/repair services.
    • We are actively looking for ways to re-use or re-distribute products at the end of their life.

Contact us to learn more about these sustainability efforts.

Commitment to Ethical Business

We engage in business practices that meet the highest legal and ethical standards and follow principles based on International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions and national laws.

We ensure that your Lilies are produced responsibly throughout every step of their life cycles. This means we partner with suppliers who treat their own people well, value their own products & services, and are certified with international manufacturing and exporting standards.

We are committed to building meaningful relationships with our people, partners, customers, and our community by treating them fairly, and, with dignity and respect.

Giving Back

Every year, we select beneficiaries and donate underwear to women who would otherwise have no access to them. We are committed to empowering women, and volunteer through several non-profits globally.

We support the provision of reproductive health and mental health services to women and young people.

We also donate trees annually to help offset our carbon footprint.

In 2021, Lily of the Valley’s beneficiaries include:

  • Manila Science High School scholars
  • CAA National High School – Annex students through Youth Uprising
  • Women and girls in Manjuyod, Negros Oriental through the Crisis Center and Women & Children Protection Unit (Typhoon Odette/Rai victims)
  • Women and girls in Visayas-Mindanao through We Bleed Red PH (Typhoon Odette/Rai victims)
The Brand

The Lily of the Valley is a sweet smelling flower that symbolizes happiness. It's a perfect representation of who we are, and what we want to achieve for every person who uses our Lilies.